Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trich & TV

Trichotillomania, Pulling While Watching TV, Pull-Free, Eyelashes and Eyebrows

My biggest personal struggle is with trichotillomania and pulling out my eyelashes and eyebrows. Sometimes it's a daily battle to not pull, other times it's hourly, other times it's hardly even present at all for several days. But here's an update about my pulling.

In December, Daniel and I cancelled our TV service. We got rid of cable and opted just to keep our streaming Netflix subscription. We aren't big into watching TV—we typically only watched Castle on Monday evenings and then some football on the weekends. But here's the thing—despite how infrequently we were watching TV, almost every time we did, I would begin to pick and pull at my eyebrows and lashes. I do the same thing when I read. It's the times when my mind is distracted and my hands have nothing to do that they always wander up toward my face to search out hairs to pull. What an inconvenience.

Though I knew that one of my triggers for pulling was when I was watching TV, I didn't necessarily relate the two as going hand-in-hand almost every time until we cancelled cable. I remember sitting on the couch on New Year's Day, watching an episode of Arrow and pulling out a single eyebrow hair. I instantly scolded myself, reminding myself that I had wanted to try to be pull-free in 2014. Needless to say, since our cable was cancelled right around that same time, I haven't pulled since.

That's where my epiphany came in... if the temptation is there, I'm probably going to give into it (I'm working very hard on practicing repentance!). My trichotillimania + watching TV = pulling. Therefore, my trichotillomania - watching TV = no pulling. I know that my pulling doesn't always occur when TV is a factor, but since it's the biggest one, it makes sense that we got rid of it. Saving money and no pulling? It's a win/win!

In addition to everything mentioned above, for the last two years, I've had my eyebrows professionally waxed, thinking that if someone else was doing my tweezing & waxing for me that I'd be less-inclined to pull. Unfortunately, that wasn't quite the case because for those last two years, I've also regularly pulled my eyebrows out, though not to the extent that anyone but Daniel or my esthetician would notice. I think that since I would go anywhere between 2-4 weeks between appointments, if my eyebrows got too long or too scraggly that I would be more inclined to pull. January 2nd was my last eyebrow appointment, as I've decided to maintain my eyebrows on my own to try something new. And remember how I said my last pull happened on January 1st? 2014 has been this whole big fresh start that I wasn't anticipating, but I'm soaking up every minute.

I think the moral of today's story is this: if something isn't working for you, change it. Big change, small change—doesn't matter—just make the change and respond accordingly. The only person who has control over what you do is YOU. And I know this much... I believe in you. ♥


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